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This show is currently touring the UK until the end of July 2022. Venue details and dates here:

I am very proud of this show, it has been a joy to create with a wonderful cast and creative team and it is knocking them dead! Even if I do say so myself. I want to express my heartfelt thanks to all involved for making this such a great experience and such a great show!



Southwark News

“…a surefire night of comedy entertainment.”

“…irresistible silliness…”

“A joyful night of comical escapism with guaranteed entertainment.”

Bums on seats

“…an evening of silliness and laughter.”

Newshopper / This is Local London

“…full of anticipation and humour.”

“The finale was phenomenal, with surprises so great I heard members of the audience gasping out loud.”

“Cluedo was a hysterically intensive show full of creativity and suspense and had me guessing until the last five minutes.”

Eastern Daily Press

“Brilliant nostalgic fun”

The Cambridge Critique

“a masterclass in physical comedy”

“…a surefire night of comedy entertainment.” Southwark News

“phenomenal” This is Local London

“Brilliant nostalgic fun” Eastern Daily Press


We opened this show in 2021 at WILTON'S MUSIC HALL in London. This summer it will be at THE ASSEMBLY ROOMS at the EDINBURGH FESTIVAL from 8th - 27th August 2022. It will then tour, dates tbc.

Horse Country

A very unusual - if not a downright weird - show, I loved working on Horse Country. While still being very funny, it is a challenging play that asks (quite literally at times) very tough questions. Using elements of Vaudeville, Clown, Bouffon and magic, it is a big old scary ride of a show. Come and see it in Edinburgh.


This wonderfully silly show, by the wonderfully silly TEATRO POMODORO opened in Liverpool at the UNITY THEATRE in 2021. It will tour from Autumn 2022 and through 2023.


Still running at:

the DUCHESS THEATRE West End, London


and in Hungary, Italy, Mexico and more countries worldwide.

WINNER - Best Direction of a Play

Mark Bell - The Play That Goes Wrong

Something as silly as this could only work if it was put together with serious craft, and it was, like a pristinely assembled jigsaw puzzle that, when put together, makes you scream with laughter. Kudos to director Mark Bell, scenic designer Nigel Hook—and Duran Duran.

Michael Musto -

“But the exceptional direction of the piece, by Mark Bell, embraces risk and danger to an extraordinary extent. That means "The Play That Goes Wrong" never seems safe or comfortable in its own skin — the tricked-out design by Nigel Hook is exceptionally clever and suffused with booby traps of considerable aesthetic imagination, but it remains persistently tawdry, as it should be, of course. And thus at no point is "The Play That Goes Wrong" one of those smug, accomplished London imports, sets collapsing on cue and well-spoken farceurs risking nothing.

Chris Jones - Chicago Tribune

There’s no paucity of wit to the proceedings, and director Mark Bell stages the action with clockwork precision.

Frank Scheck - The Hollywood Reporter

But wait. Although Mark Bell is the real director, he should get a special Tony for best choreography in a nonmusical. The physical comedy demands stopwatch precision to make the cumulative antics, not just pratfalls and spit-takes work, without hurting the real actors.

Linda Winer - Newsday