Sirens, Men and Crabs

Welcome to a world where the Sirens are the unsung heroines, Ulysses will never be the hero he wants to be and Giant Crabs are taking over. Sirens, Men and Crabs is a surreal show that blends clown and cutting satire, taking you on a hilarious journey of Greek epics leaving Mount Olympus in ruins.

Prepare to be lured in by the seductive, comic song of the Sirens!

Performed by

Carmen Arquelladas (Spain)

Miwa Nagai (Japan)

Simone Tani (Italy)

Directed by - Mark Bell

Lighting Design - Phil Saunder

Set Design - Lois Maskell

Costume Design - Carmen Arquelladas

Sound Design - Barry Han

Producer - RJ Lloyd

Creative Facilitator - Duncan Cameron

Devised and Created by Teatro Pomodoro

Touring in the UK 2022/23

“Making the audience cripple with laughter every

30 seconds”

-Bido Lito!