The Comedy About a Bank Robbery

***** Reviews

The Telegraph, The Times, Radio Times, Sunday Telegraph,, British Theatre, Gay Times

**** Reviews

The Stage, The Guardian, West End Frame, Financial Times, Theatre Cat

‘This is the funniest show in the West End’

The Telegraph

‘Swag loads of pleasure’

Sunday Telegraph

‘Fast and fabulous comedy caper is a joyful night out’

The Times

‘The team behind ‘The Play That Goes Wrong’ hit the funnybone again’

‘The best new comedy to open straight onto the West End in decades’

Time Out

‘The Industrious Mischief Theatre scores a third consecutive West End hit’

‘Exquisite comic timing’

The Stage

‘Thrillingly inventive and lung-bustingly funny’

The Guardian

‘A night of spectacular madness’

‘Laughing all the way to the bank’

Financial Times

A triumph’

Radio Times

The Telegraph - *****

Quite simply, this is the funniest show in the West End


This is the funniest show in town

Different league

The jokes, visual and verbal, are pilled skyscraper-high.

Theatrical invention

Slick direction

Beautifully timed slapstick

The script ups the stakes

You keep thinking this is as good as it gets - then it gets better


Does it deliver swag-loads of pleasure and thoroughly deserve to make a mint? Absolutely.

If it doesn’t run for yonks, call me The Critic That Goes Wrong

WhatsonStage - *****

The funniest play since Noises Off

Will have you laughing all the way to the bank

Ratchets up the laughs from its opening pun-fest through trouser-dropping farce to an explosion of acrobatics and false perspectives in the climactic jewel theft

Night of spectacular madness

We don’t get time to blink before the next moment of brilliance is upon us

David Farley’s spectacular sets

Forget the Hatton Garden wrinklies: it’s the young turks of Mischief Theatre who’ve pulled off the bigger heist

The team is well on the way to world dominance

The joyousness of The Comedy About A Bank Robbery is so bracing that even the farce-averse will marvel at the clockwork precision of Mark Bell’s direction

The Stage - ****

Ambitious and surprising

Entirely original

Ups the stakes

Propels them to new feats of physical daring, and exquisite comic timing.

It’s a show that will have you on the edge of your seat: you’ll be rocked by laugher, then helf in suspense as they pull off another nail-biting effect.

The industrious Mischief Theatre scores a third consecutive West End hit

The Guardian - ****

Lung-bustingly funny farce has it three ways

Thrillingly inventive

Slapstick delight

Thrilling and daringly inventive

Henry Lewis is outstanding as the volcanically angry bank owner

Laughs per minute

This lung-bustingly funny play is just what the therapist ordered

Time Out - ****

The team behind ‘The Play That Goes Wrong’ hit the funnybone again

If there’s any justice in the theatre world, will run for even longer

Boggling prolific and talented team behind ‘The Play That Goes Wrong’

Best and funniest work yet

A genre pastiche, screwball comedy and classic farce that’s as clean and clear as its brassy branding

Manic energy

Bring the house down


The writer’s ability to snatch a laugh out of every line, and to intricately prime each scenario with zinging punchlines and pay-offs is stunning

The entire cast is bang on the money

The Comedy About A Bank Robbery must rate as the best new comedy to open straight onto the West End in decades.

In a year that has seen so many comedy greats snuff it, its heartening to see a new generation prove themselves so definitely up to the challenge.

West End Frame - ****

Henry Lewis, Jonathan Sayer and Henry Shields are absolute geniuses

It’s astoundingly clever

Mischief take things to new heights

Designer David Farley has done a stellar job

The entire cast are superb comedy actors

effortless chemistry and complete dedication to their work shine through

Now I’m even more excited to see what they take on next!

British Theatre - *****

Uproariously funny

Irreverent and energetic

The belly laughs pour fouth

Finely tuned

Flawless direction

Sublime set design

Endless and joyous suprises

I am on tenterhooks to see what they come up with next

Exceptional farce

A simply joyous night at the theatre

If you have half as much fun as I did, you’re in for a real treat

Official London Theatre

Writers Henry Lewis, Jonathan Sayer and Henry Shields prove they’ve equal talent when it comes to puns and performing

Charlie Russell proves herself an unstoppable force of wit and physical comedy

Newcomer Jeremy Lloyd gives an impressive West End debut

Ingenious Sets

A million and one moments of staging genius that have you smiling as much as the slapstick

Performances are so slick

The show never misses a beat

Nancy Wallinger’s vocal talents shine

Is there anything this group can’t do?

Mischief Theatre don’t just do it again, they raise the farcical bar with a sure fire hit

Slick theatrical inventiveness

Hilariously silly word play

Gravity defying design

You’d be a fool not to give it a try

An evening of theatrical ingenuity and flawless performances packed with heart.

Radio Times - *****

Classic farce with hilarious twists

Push the laughter buttons even harder

What a triumph

Hugely talented mischief team

The cast produces a display of physical comedy and inspired wordplay that never flags for a second

Full of invention and surprises

Just when you think you’ve seen the highlight, they go and top it

You can’t help but laugh like a drain

David farley’s brilliantly conceive set is a star in itself

They deserve every bit of their success

Creative Reviews

Mischief Theatre have returned once again to make your jaw and belly ache from all the laughter

You can tell that laughter is not far behind when Mischief Theatre are in town

Packed with laughter

This time Mischief Theatre had gone one step further than there previous productions

Bold Moments

Brilliant whole rounded characters

Death defying stunts

Hottest ticket in London right now!

Winning formula

I urge anyone who can, no matter what age you are to go and watch any of their productions right away, as you will not want to miss out!

Love London Love Culture

Jokes are fast and furious


Fantastic stunt work

Just when you think it couldn’t get bigger or better, it does.

The burglary is one of the most inventive things I have seen performed on stage for a long time.

Plenty of energy and even more laughs than ever before

Don’t miss it

Financial Times - ****

Undeniably impressive

This is a show that does not merely go through funny and out the other side, but right round in curved space and back into funny again

TheatreCat - ****

Speedy slapstick

A classic

Superb physical disasters

“how on earth so this company get through a run with all their limbs and skulls intact?”

Breathtaking staging

Made me actually choke with giggles